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Drum melters
Thermo-controlled hoses
Slot dies for hot melt
Laminators for hot melt
Automatic guns lines and dot application
Automatic guns spray and spiro application
Supervisors for hot melt adhesives
Converting turnkey lines low speed
Converting turnkey lines high speed
Converting turnkey lines narrow webs
Turn-key retrofit of existing lines
Application of dispersion adhesives
Electronic controls for adhesives
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Home Converting turnkey lines narrow webs Off-line systems for low and high speed

Off-line systems for low and high speed

HIP-MITSU “off line” solutions enable to perform web-coating and laminating on narrow webs.

Realized for the application in any widths and speed of hot melt adhesives, UV and PUR too.

Turn-key solutions : equipped with dispensers, hoses and melting units for hot melt adhesives.

UV-lamps of any producer can be installed at a later time too.

Motorisation and tension control suitable to usable materials.

Centralized control panel for all functions.

Working width: on demand
Max. speed: from 2 to 900 m/min
Thermoregulation: water- or oil-based

Usable materials
- type: rolls
- thickness: starting from a few microns
- consistency: rigid and elastic

Line supervisor:
various models available
Solid structure designed to guarantee lack of vibrations.

Reliability and reduced maintenance.

Main and secondary rolls: equipment available
- chill rolls
- heated rolls
- rubberised rolls
- rolls with special coating
- spreading rolls
- banana rolls

Calandering pressure and gap regulation to realize the laminated product always under ideal conditions.
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