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Home Complete systems for narrow webs at low or high speeds

Complete systems for narrow webs at low or high speeds

For web-Coating and Laminating on narrow webs in high or low speed with hot melt adhesives, also PUR and UV curable, HIP-MITSU  offers a full range of integrated systems, which give a complete answer to all production needs.
Available both in “off-line”, including winders and unwinders, and “on-line” configuration, they can be easily integrated in new and existing production lines.

Extremely flexible, compact and easy to use, they are supplied equipped with all HIP-MITSU hot melt adhesives application technologies, even as combined solution.   
The systems are fully synchronised with the main production line, thus enabling a complete and well-tested solution.

Coating width: up to 1.400 mm
Line speed: low and high
Coating weight: from 0,02 up to 1.500 gr/sqm
Adhesive pattern: full coating, breathable, multi-line, intermittent
Usable adhesives: hot melt, hot melt PUR, UV curable
Adhesive application: coating or contact-less
Change of coating width: up to 1 sec
Adhesive’s weight setting: 1 sec
Change of application pattern: 5 min
Change of adhesive’s type:
10 min
Usable substrates
- type: rolls
- thickness: from a few microns up to 200 mm
- consistency: rigid  and elastic
Motorizations: independent, single or multiple
Working mode: master or slave
Line supervisor: several models available
UV lamps of any brand can be installed also at a later date.
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