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Home Slot dies for hot melt Slot dies for wide web up to 6.000 mm

Slot dies for wide web up to 6.000 mm

HIP-MITSU high precision slot dies for wide webs using hot melt adhesives, also PUR and UV curable, enable a precise and accurate adhesive application onto the substrate’s surface.

Very flexible, versatile and easy to use, they enable a wide application range, as represented in the application patterns and motion pictures here below.

Coating width: from 0,3 up to 6.000 mm
Coating weight: from 0,02 up to 1.500 gr/sqm
Line speed: from 2 up to 900 m/min
Applications: both continuous and intermittent
Working temperature: from 30 up to 240°C
Application tolerance: extremely precise
Adhesive pattern: full coating, breathable, multiline
Adhesive type: hot melt, hot melt reactive PUR, UV curable
Adhesive application: on roll and off roll
Change of working width: up to 1 sec
Setting of coating weight: 1 sec
Change of adhesive pattern: 5 min
Change of adhesive type: 10 min
Slot die clearing: automatic, 10 min
Intermittence: up to 150 Hz
Pumps for adhesive injection: external or integrated
Line supervisor: various models and levels available
Easy to install: HIP-MITSU slot dies can be supplied with customized self-supporting mechanical stands, enabling easy and quick installation both on new and existing lines.

Electrical and electronic integration are based on an “open source” platform, enabling a simple and quick interface to the main line.

Precision: extreme, both in machine direction (MD) and in cross direction (CD).  HIP-MITSU different slot dies enable to reach any precision level required from the application.  

Temperature control: accurate.

Change of coating width every time quick: the change of coating width can be fully automatic, even without stopping the main line.

Change of coating weight: do not require any set up in processing coating weight variations (gr/sqm).

Extremely flexible and multi-pattern: enable the realization of “full coating”,  “multi line” or “breathable” applications; all applications can be either “continuous”, “intermittent in MD” and “partialization  in CD”.

Pattern change: pattern change can be fully automatic.

Quick product change: the design of HIP-MITSU slot dies allows to change in very short time the adhesive used in production.

All-in / All-out: particularly unstable products can be processed in the “all-in /all-out” service modality, avoiding any stay time / stagnation in the slot die.

Steel-on-steel tightness.

Easy inspection: all distribution channels are easy to be inspected.

Easy replaceable cartridge resistances.

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