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Home Slot dies for hot melt Custom Concept high precision slot dies

Custom Concept high precision slot dies

HIP-MITSU “Custom Concept” slot dies for hot melt adhesives – international patent – represent the most advanced coating technology as regards application precision and consistency.

The absolute precision in adhesive application enables:

- strong cut-down in production costs
- soft hand improvement  
- better breathability/absorbency/filtration properties

In all comparative tests performed in the most different areas in real production conditions, HIP-MITSU “Custom Concept” slot dies have always shown a significant saving in the applied adhesive’s quantity.

The absolute precision and consistency in the adhesive application (gr/sqm), both in CD and MD direction, enable to combine lower production costs with enhanced quality of the coated or laminated end products.

(up to 30% adhesive saving: just a detail?)

Coating width: from 0,3 up to 6.000 mm
Coating weight: from 0,02 up to 1.500 gr/sqm
Line speed: from 2 to 900 m/min
Applications: both continuous and intermittent
Working temperature: from 30 up to 240°C
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