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Precision pump

HIP-MITSU high precision pumping units supply a complete solution to all use requirements for dispersion polymers, such as water- a/o solvent-based adhesives, gels and lotions for both continuous and intermittent dosing.

The adhesive dosing, extremely constant and precise and without any dead points, enables an absolute and uniform application combined with high finishing qualities.

Viscosity of usable adhesives: starting from 30 mpas/cps
Capacity: from 0,3 up to 2.500 l/h
Capacity control and setting: electronic
Applications: both continuous and intermittent
Adhesive type: water- a/o solvent-based
Product re-circulation: yes
System cleaning: automatic
Time required for product change: 2 min
Alternative polymers: dispersions, gels, lotions…
Electrical equipment: IP 54 or ATEX
Extendible performances: standard
The dedicated design and selected materials guarantee no deterioration effects of the processed product/polymer.

Extremely precise dosing: equipped with high precision pumping units.

Capacity control and setting: electronic, with simple and easy operator interface.

Interchangeable pumps with different capacity: systems can be equipped with different capacity pumps, that can be interchanged in just a few minutes.

Pumping capacity increasable after first installation too.

Filters downstream the pump:
they can be installed downstream each available pump.

Injection device for inert gas: can be equipped with injection device for inert gas, useful while using adhesives a/o polymers to be processed only by means of anhydrous cap. Gas injection is managed both for frequency and duration from the motherboard through a program easily customizable by the line operator.   

Extension of number of installed distribution hoses also after first installation: thanks to HIP-MITSU modular design, all machines can be re-configured also after first installation with additional distribution hoses.

Easy cleaning: very easy to clean, with integrated tank for cleaner for a continuous cycle cleaning of all circuits where the adhesive/polymer flows.

Anti-deflagration systems: in case dispersion solvent-based polymers a/o adhesives are used, electrical equipment is realized according to the anti-deflagrating norms in force.
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