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Home Automatic guns lines and dot application Multiple coating heads for glue lines and dots - up to 6.000 mm application width

Multiple coating heads for glue lines and dots - up to 6.000 mm application width

HIP-MITSU self-cleaning multiple coating heads have been designed for continuous a/o intermittent applications of hot melt and reactive hot melt (PUR) adhesives in form of lines and dots.

A precise application and no adhesive leaks are always ensured at any working conditions, also at high frequency and high operating speeds.

Working width: from 10 up to 6.000 mm
Working temperature: from 30 up to 240°C
Applications: both continuous and intermittent
Adhesive type: hot melt, hot melt reactive PUR, UV curable
Intermittence setting and control: electronic, integrated with user friendly interface
Nozzle diameters: from 0,5 up to 1,2 mm
Nozzle shape: single or multiple
Self-cleaning nozzles: standard
Filters installed in the heads: standard
Time durability: the design and materials used ensure a long-time durability of all components, also under extreme working conditions.

Standard filter group: a filter group integrated in the main gun’s body ensures a perfect and uniform adhesive application in every working condition.

can be equipped with single or multiple nozzles of different diameters with adjustable needle stroke.

Standard self-cleaning nozzles:
can be equipped with both self-cleaning and high capacity nozzles, in case they should be used for fillings.

Needle fitting: easy for a precise adjustment of the adhesive flow.

Modules maintenance and replacing:
only adjusting two screws.
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