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Home Models DM200 and DM55 - for 200 lt or 55 gal adhesive tanks

Models DM200 and DM55 - for 200 lt or 55 gal adhesive tanks

HIP-MITSU drum melters model DM 200 and DM 55 enable the use of hot melt adhesives, also reactive PUR and UV curable, butyls and sealants from 200 liter and 55 gallon drums.

They are equipped with high precision gear pumps and guarantee maximum precision in all conditions of use, both continuous and intermittent.  
The standardized and integrated design enables an easy use and a quick and simple interface with the main line.

Adhesive packaging: 200 liters and 55 gallons
Applications: both continuous and intermittent
Pump’s capacity control and setting: electronic
Standard gear pumps available: from 1 up to 66 cc/rev
Number of gear pumps: up to 2 independent ones
Adhesive type: hot melt; reactive PUR and UV curable
Alternative products: butyls
Working temperatures: up to 240°C
Filters after pumps: available.
Double temperature sensor: a double temperature sensor on the drum guarantees maximum precision in temperature setting

Equipped with one or two independent pumps:
melters model DM 200 and DM 55 can be equipped with one or two independent gear pumps, thus enabling a significant cost reduction in case the feeding of two lines requiring different outputs both in terms of quantity and frequency is needed. This way a simultaneous use of two different melters is avoided.

Interchangeable pumps with different pump capacity:
all HIP-MITSU drum melters can be equipped with different capacity pumps, which can be interchanged in a few minutes, thus increasing the pump rate also after first installation.

Increasing of the number of pumps installed at a later date: thanks to HIP-MITSU modular design, all machines can be reconfigured with additional pumps after first installation or at a later time.
Easy replaceable cartridge resistances:
easy replaceable cartridge resistances vertically installed on the melting plate. In case of resistance breaking, no substitution of the whole melting plate is required.  

Possibility to install high melting rate plate, also after first installation: they can be equipped with a high melting rate plate, anytime during the life cycle of the system.

Increase of applied tubes for adhesive application after first installation.

Filters installed before each hose:
installation of net filters before each hose is available also at a later date.

By-pass for intermittent applications:
MITSU drum melters are equipped with by-pass installed after the pump, enabling intermittent adhesive applications.
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