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Home Application of dispersion adhesives Dosing systems for dispersion adhesives, primers and polymers

Dosing systems for dispersion adhesives, primers and polymers

HIP-MITSU Electronic Dispensers for adhesives, primers and dispersion polymers model PED guarantee high distribution precision (gr/sqm) and stability.

HIP-MITSU model “Fine Tuning” special dispensing valves enable an accurate and precise dosing regulation in a full application range, thus ensuring a perfect application in all working conditions.

Viscosity: from 30 mpas/cps
Electrical system: IP 54 or ATEX
- easy and immediate installation
- standard equipped with high precision distribution valves model MITSU “Fine Tuning”
- from 4 up to 16 indipendent dispensing valves
- one or two small tanks with simple level indication available
- on-line filtering
- User Friendly operator interface; start-up synchronised with the main line
- automatic adjustment of the dosing according to the speed
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