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Home Models MITSU - from 2,5 to 160 kg/h

Models MITSU - from 2,5 to 160 kg/h

HIP-MITSU continuous output melting units model MITSU for hot melt adhesives, also reactive PUR and UV curable, give an appropriate answer to all needs concerning medium and low melting capacity.

They are equipped with high precision gear pumps and guarantee maximum precision in all conditions of use, both continuous and intermittent.  
The standardized and integrated design enables an easy use and a quick and simple interface with the main line.

Melt rate: from 2,5 up to 80 kg/hour
Applications: both continuous and intermittent
Standard gear pumps available: from 1 up to 66 cc/rev
Pump’s capacity control and setting: electronic
Adhesive type: hot melt; reactive PUR and UV curable
Usable packaging: chips a/o blocks
Working temperatures: up to 240°C
Filters after pumps: standard
Machine disassembling Time: 15 minutes
Configuration expandability: standard
Change of adhesive (type): 10 minutes (a)
Maintenance without line’s stop: standard (a)
Energy saving system: standard (a)

(a) Additional performances for models MITSU MS.
Control and setting of pump capacity: electronic, clear and user-friendly operator interface.
Three different temperature controls in the tank: for a better adhesive management, avoiding long and useless adhesive’s stays at high temperatures and optimizing at the same time the system melt rate.

Easy replaceable cartridge resistances: easy replaceable cartridge resistances, both for tanks and grids. Replacement of the entire heated block is thus avoided.
Increasing of the number of pumps installed at a later date: thanks to HIP-MITSU modular design, all machines can be reconfigured with additional pumps after first installation or at a later time.
Interchangeable pumps with different pumping capacity: all HIP-MITSU continuous output melting units can be equipped with different capacity, which can be interchanged in a few minutes, thus increasing the pump rate also after first installation.
Melt rate increase with additional grids after first installation:
it can be performed also after first installation because the motherboard has standard prearrangement for the additional temperature channels
Increase of applied tubes for adhesive application after first installation.

Tube downstream filters: installation of downstream filters, also at a later date, is available.
Injection device for inert gas: HIP-MITSU continuous output melting units are supplied with injection device for inert gas, useful while using adhesives to be processed only by means of anhydrous cap.

By-pass for intermittent applications: MITSU continuous output melting unit are equipped with by-pass installed after the pump, enabling intermittent adhesive applications.

Standard quick release connections for an easy cleaning: mechanical and electrical quick release connections to facilitate both cleaning and maintenance operations, thus reducing dead times. Easy access to all machine components.
Hot melt PUR in 20 kg packaging also usable: from model MITSU 100 included, all HIP-MITSU continuous output melting units enable the use of hot melt PUR in 20 kg packagings.
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